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We can help instead of harm by using products with a simple element - Iron. Do you know that Iron is one of the most abundant natural mineral found on Earth? It is present in rocks, grounds and makes up more than 30% of our planet. But yet the stats of the amount of iron deficiency around the world is staggering. Of 496 million non-pregnant women, 32 million pregnant women and 273 million children who develop anemia each year globally, half can blame their condition on iron deficiency.

Iron is also an essential element in a healthy plant life. The role of iron in plants is as basic as it can get: without iron a plant can’t produce chlorophyll, can’t get oxygen and won’t be green.

So what is Iron? In short, the function of Iron is to help carrying important element through the human bloodstream (oxygen) and a plant’s circulatory system (chlorophyll).

We find it counter-intuitive that during our sanitizing ritual, we’d rely on toxic chemical that typical disinfectant are filled with, not to mention polluting the planet with the aftermath residual. So instead of using other components or harsh chemicals in our product, we chose Iron to be one of our key ingredients. In every bottle of C2+, 5g of Iron is present. We want to help instead of harm our planet. Join us in being more mindful and approach the time of reinvention with the intention to product less pollutants for our planet. Fun Fact: Feel free to spray our product on your plants if you ever need! It is entirely safe for them.


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