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Being in the loop is a core priority for us. By reusing waste generated from other industries to create a product that not only protects you and your loved ones but protects our earth, we will prevent further toxic compounds from being feed into our future generations' health. To further fulfill our mission to being in the loop and regenerating waste, we have partnered with Intersnack to reuse all their cashew waste as part of their honest cashew sustainability initiative.  

Who is Intersnack?

Intersnack Group is a privately-owned company with Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Teamwork at the core. Intersnack always aims to act responsibly in everything that they do, be it through quality, safety or sustainability efforts. This has helped to become one of the leading manufacturers of savory snacks in Europe, with 37 production plants and additional offices and warehouse locations in 20 countries across Europe. The company also operates five processing plants for raw cashew nuts in Vietnam and India.

What is Intersnack's honest cashew sustainability initiative?

Intersnack Cashew Company (ICC) operates according to the ‘single roof processing’ concept, meaning that all steps of cashew processing (shelling – cutting – peeling – packing) are carried out under one roof. The move to ‘single roof processing’ vastly improved transparency within Intersnack’s cashew supply chain. It supports the company to better ensure food safety and guarantee that employees’ health and welfare are protected in the workplace. In short, it provides full compliance and control of all cashew-processing steps.

Bas van den Brink: “Sustainability is a continuous journey and needs full involvement and awareness of all employees. In terms of improving employees’ working conditions, Intersnack Cashew Company (ICC) has gone  beyond the standard practice and legal requirements in Vietnam, such as:

  • ICC provides 24/7 personal accident insurance for all employees and health insurance to its permanent employees and increased its employees’ average wages above the government-mandated minimum.

  • ICC complies with international child labour and voluntary employment standards in Vietnam, and employees enjoy additional training provided by the company.

  • All three factories have completed standard assessments and have a fully implemented high-care concept based on the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and the International Featured Standard”.

To further their sustainability initiative in the Cashew industries. ICC is seeking reusability in their cashew waste. 

How does C2+ work with Intersnack?

One of our core ingredients is cashew. We take reuse ICC cashew waste and reinvent it into an organic compound for our disinfectant. For every bottle you purchase, 50 grams of cashew waste is being reused instead of tossed. 

Why do we do this?

For decades, the shells of the nuts were either destroyed or discarded in the wild. The cashew waste contains acidic oil, which is harmful to the soil and the atmosphere. Burning them in the open air or burying them is very bad for the soil, and for the atmosphere. By reusing it we address this problem of environmental pollution.

Why did we choose Intersnack?

Intersnack’s vision, mission and core values are passionate about not only enriching people’s lives with the very best savoury snacks but also to act responsibly in everything they do. Their values consist of ethical business principles and guidelines that govern their everyday work and their interactions with business partners; their goal is to keep our environment and the working world liveable for future generations. For us, embodying these values every day also means bringing them home to others and working together to shape a successful future.

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